About Us

JDFinancial services is a privately held national lending firm based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. We specialize in short-term commercial real estate lending, with bridge financing options that are both fast and flexible. Our lending program is designed to be efficient, […]

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Private Lending Program

JDFinancial services is a private commercial real estate lending firm specializing in asset-based commercial real estate financing. Based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Our professional team of lending experts structures creative options for a variety of short-term financing needs. Our loans […]

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Our Mission Statement

JDF goal is to help you develop a solid long-term plan based on your financial goals and dreams, balanced with your investment risk tolerance. Implementing and monitoring your financial goals is what makes a financial plan work! Our desire is […]

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General Loan Terms

Loan Size $20k – $50MM + Interest Rate 6% – 12% Fees 1% – 4% Term 1 – 15 years Amortization Interest-Only Loan to Value Up to 85% LTV Up to 85% LTC for Construction Up to 100% for Build-Outs, […]

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Latest Blog

Why is Private Lending a good strategy for an investor?


Traditional lending middlemen (banks, credit unions, finance companies, investment managers) are eliminated in a Private Lending scenario. Private Lenders receive the full proceeds of their investments (collateralized by real property) without sacrificing (often significant) portions of their returns to other […]

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